Culture Aberdeen is a partnership of the city’s cultural organisations with support from Aberdeen City Council. The network will deliver the ambitions through agreed action plans with member organisations.

Culture Aberdeen is a constituted independent network of organisations who play a pivotal role and responsibility in the development, delivery and advocacy of arts, culture and heritage in Aberdeen city. Culture Aberdeen recognises and celebrates the city’s cultural strengths and unique assets through its strong scene, distinctive identity and creative sector. 

Culture Aberdeen’s objectives are…

  • Develop a culture strategy for Aberdeen and related plans to implement that strategy, particularly in respect of the ten-year priorities identified in the cultural strategy, as well as to monitor and review the strategy on a regular basis;
  • Provide leadership and a coherent voice for the cultural sector within Aberdeen to a variety of stakeholders both within and outwith the city; and
  • Act as a forum for the sharing of best practice and to facilitate increasing engagement in high quality cultural activity from amongst the widest range of citizens of Aberdeen.

Our vision for Aberdeen is a city…

  • opening doors: where everyone can be transformed and inspired through engagement in the arts and culture; a place releasing our creativity.
  • to experiment in: a home, a place, a destination and testing ground for artists, creative enterprises and new ideas; a place which has become Scotland’s creative lab
  • which inspires: where exciting cultural experiences are around each and every corner and where there are no creative boundaries; a place where all the city is a stage
  • like no other: where we celebrate and promote our culture and heritage, the things we make and create, a place where culture connects us to the world
  • growing in ambition and confidence with a strong collective of cultural leaders collaborating to realise the city’s potential; a place where the arts shape our future

For further information you can download ‘Culture Aberdeen, A Cultural Strategy for the city of Aberdeen 2018 -2028’

In recognition of Aberdeen and the north-east of Scotland’s unique local heritage and language, Culture Aberdeen has also been published in Doric, with a translation by Shane Strachan.