Fit Like Hubs 

The project will develop and deliver creative engagement opportunities with children, young people, and families on a one-one basis and in groups, by encouraging greater all family participation in creative activities, learning through participation in drop-ins and short series of activities. 

Participants are involved in conversations through meaningful engagement and respond to these conversations by co-developing further creative activities and projects that reflect the young people’s and their families’ voices. 

By creating a service that “doesn’t feel like services”; the project will enable families and young people to feel comfortable, not judged, and supported in their interaction with the project. 

The partners are being supported to development of the Fit Like Hubs through increased group work, drop-ins, and co-creation with families to understand and meet their needs. 

This co-designed approach to activities and tools will build self-confidence and resilience for young people and their families, away from the direct hub activity and develop new support structures within their own communities.  

The partner organisation for this project is Fit Like Hubs 

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Fitlike Hubs

The Creative Practitioners for this project are Elaine Grant, Cate McPherson and Samm Anga